Okruhy maturitných tém z ekonomických predmetov

odbor obchodná akadémia - bilingválne štúdium

  1. Base of economics and economy
  2. Market economy
  3. Legal forms of doing business of natural and juristic persons
  4. Macroeconomics and types of economic policies
  5. Activity of enterprises in market economy
  6. Payment systems among business partners
  7. Production as a basic activity of production enterprise
  8. A long-term property /fixed assets/ as a basic elementary factor of production
  9. Commercial enterprises and a wholesale
  10. Retail sale
  11. Foreign trade
  12. Material as a property of enterprise
  13. Influence of costs and revenues on economic result of enterprise
  14. Taxes of natural and juristic persons
  15. Indirect taxes as an income of a state budget
  16. A personnel activity in the enterprise
  17. Use of tools of marketing mix at the market research
  18. Managment of investments as a financial analysis of enterprise
  19. National Bank of Slovakia, active operations of commercial banks
  20. Passive operations of commercial banks
  21. Subjects and tools of financial market
  22. Slovakia as a part of the European Union
  23. Insurance industry, as a special branch of national economy
  24. Management
  25. Macroeconomics and its basic national economic indicators