Otestujte sa z anglického jazyka

Vyberte správnu odpoveď

1. you live in a flat? Yes, I

2. This is the expensive hotel London.

3. your sister study? No, she .

4. Our teacher writing the blackboard.

5. You go to the shop. I already bought some milk.

6. Next week I'm to start my bedroom.

7. What you do when you school?

8. Where your friend from? is from Italy.

9. Jane computers, but she doesn´t computer games.

10. you got a bike? Yes, I have. colour is red.

11. you at school yesterday? No, I ill.

12. My brother Peter is taller my father. He is the member of my family.

13. Sorry, I don´t have time , only minutes.

14. Where you buy shoes?

15. Why you laughing? Look at him. He wearing a big red hat.