Otestujte sa z anglického jazyka

Vyberte správnu odpoveď

1. Teresa Russian at evening classes this term.

2. I don´t enjoy computer games now, but I like them when I was younger.

3. to the dentist after college so I can´t play squash with you.

4. My father usually reads the paper while eating .

5. This dictionary is useful than that one.

6. Most of the houses in this country have .

7. the children look like their mother.

8. Have you got brothers or sisters?

9. How people live in your house?

10. Is there traffic in your town?

11. I want interesting to read.

12. I bought some warm boots because skiing.

13. You can tell me your secret . anyone.

14. It isn´t as cold today it was yesterday.

15. I´m very in modern art.

16. I saw a horror film. I thought it was .

17. That was a long journey.

18. I´m tired.

19. If  I don´t go out so much, I more work.

20. The hamburger is eaten food in the whole world.

21. I was given this watch my aunt.

22. Have all the sandwiches ?

23. Rolls Royce cars in England.

24. If  I were a princess, I live in a palace.

25. My mum in a hospital.

26. Some friends invited me to go to America.

27. In the seventeenth century very long hair in fashion.

28. What you doing at 7 o´clock?

29. While he on the lake, the boat sank.

30. A stewardess looks after children.