Otestujte sa z anglického jazyka

Vyberte správnu odpoveď

1. My father work every day.

2. If I were you I do it.

3. English in many countries.

4. Peter is student in his clasroom.

5. You are funny.

6. That was a good film.

7. Some famous books were written unknown authors.

8. How are these oranges.

9. What your parents doing in the afternoon?

10. We don´t need olive oil.

11. Have you got homework?

12. It was a great party. loved it.

13. There´s something in my eye! No, I can´t see .

14. Tony´s back from holiday. Is he? him a ring.

15. you see the football last night?

16. Chinese people prefer bicycles cars.

17. How time do you need?

18. I play games with my brother, but now I don´t.

19. Your hands are as cold ice.

20. Most of people in this country have .

21.Have you got pet?

22. She ´s about going on holiday tomorrow.

23. Peter shows us his photos for hours and hours. It is really .

24. There are so places I want to go to!

25. Diet Coke has been made 1982.

26. What do you like on holiday?

27. What will happen to people who have computers?

28. My bag is so heavy. Give it to me. carry it for you.

29. While I my homework, he came in.

30. Which of countries would you like to visit in June?