1. you travel to school by bus? Yes, I .

2. Our country is the wonderful country Europe.

3. your sisters study? No, they .

4. They writing the blackboard.

5. You go to the shop. I bought any milk.

6. Next month we are to do exams.

7. What you do when you from school?

8. Where your friends from? are from Italy.

9. Peter computer, but he doesnīt it at school.

10. your sister got a bike? Yes, she has. colour is red.

11. your classmates at school yesterday? No, they ill.

12. My brother Peter is better my father. He is the member of my family.

13. Sorry, I donīt have money, only cents.

14. Where you find CDs?

15. Why you smiling? Look at them. They wearing a big red hat.