Otestujte sa z anglického jazyka

Vyberte správnu odpoveď

1. Lucy English at evening classes this term.

2. I don't enjoy computer games now, but I like them when I was younger.

3. to the dentist after college so I can't play squash with you.

4. My brother usually reads the paper while eating.

5. This map is useful than that one.

6. Most of the houses in this country have .

7. the children look like their father.

8. Have you got brothers or sisters?

9. How people live in your house?

10. Is there traffic in your town?

11. I want interesting to watch.

12. I bought some warm boots because skiing.

13. You can tell me your secret . anyone.

14. It isn't as warm today it was yesterday.

15. I'm very in modern music.

16. I saw a horror film. I thought it was .

17. That was a long journey.

18. I'm bored.

19. If I don´t go out so much, I more work.

20. The hamburger is eaten food in the whole world.

21. I was given this smartphone my aunt.

22. Have all the chips ?

23. Rolls Royce cars in England.

24. If I were a princess, I live in a palace.

25. My cousin in a hospital.

26. Some friends invited me to go to America.

27. In the seventeenth century very long hair in fashion.

28. What you doing at 5 o'clock?

29. While he on the lake, the boat sank.

30. A nurse looks after children.

31. you live in a house ?

32. This is the expensive hotel in Paris .

33. Where your aunt from?

34. Look at her. She a big hat.

35. Mum already bought some milk.

36. John's mother work every day.

37. German in many countries.

38. This new movie was moving.

39. Students have time.

40. If I were you, I do it.