Otestujte sa z anglického jazyka

Vyberte správnu odpoveď

1. My mum always prepares .

2. Most of the people in our country have .

3. Both the children like their mother.

4. Is there traffic in your town?

5. If I were your, I do it.

6. This subject is useful than thah one.

7. Susan in a wonderful house.

8. to the dentist after school so I can't visit you.

9. Have you ever to Italy ?

10. How books have you read so far?

11. They don't go out so much, they more time to work.

12. I saw a car accident. I was really .

13. I don't need to buy.

14. Pizza is eaten food in the whole world.

15. We have to study a lot because we to have a final exams.

16. You can tell me your secret. anyone about it.

17. The sky isn't as blue today it was yesterday.

18. My brother is not very in languages.

19. It was a good idea.

20. My father is usually tired.

21. I was given this present my friend.

22. Have all the sandwiches ?

23. What your brother doing at 7 o'clock?

24. you like playing PC games?

25. Lexus cars in England.

26. If  I won a lottery, I gtravel around the world.

27. Our grandma work in a hospital.

28. I already done my homework.

29. Nowadays very long hair in fashion.

30. While he in the lake, it started to rain.

31. A stewardess looks after children.

32. If I were you, I do it.

33. This is the important information for students.

34. Michael´s mother work every day.

35. Look at him! He a new T-shirt.

36. My friend already fed these animals.

37. English in many countries.

38. This new movie was moving.

39. Children have free time.

40. Where your niece from?