Otestujte sa z anglického jazyka

Vyberte správnu odpoveď

1. My dad always travels by .

2. Most of the people in our country live in .

3. Both the children like their mother.

4. Is there pollution in your town?

5. If I were your brother, I help you.

6. Some subjects are important than others.

7. Peter in the bank.

8. to my grandparents after school so I can´t visit you.

9. Have you ever seafood ?

10. How films have you seen so far?

11. If they don't play Pc games so often, they more often.

12. My sister is in music .

13. I need to buy souvenirs.

14. A hamburger is eaten food in the USA.

15. We have to study a lot because we to have a final exams.

16. You can tell me about your problem. I anyone about it.

17. The weather isn't as good today it was yesterday.

18. My friend's results are not very .

19. We had an interesting lesson.

20. My father is usually bored at work.

21. The window was broken my friend.

22. Have all the players home?

23. What your parents doing in the afternoon?

24. your mum like playing the piano ?

25. Toyota cars in Japan.

26. If  I were a millionaire, I give some money to charity.

27. Our grandma work in a hospital.

28. Children already written their homework.

29. Nowadays very short hair in fashion.

30. While students in the classroom, it started to ring.

31. A tour guide will look after tourists.

32. If I had money, I buy a new house.

33. This is the fantastic film I have ever seen.

34. Paul's wife work at night.

35. Look! That man some sweets.

36. My uncle never travelled abroad.

37. French in so many countries.

38. We here in 2005.

39. If children sleep enough, they much better.

40. We have walking in rain for several hours.